Advertisers and Sponsors

Advertising and Sponsoring

There are several ways to advertise on this site as you can see below, and apart from that you and your company show up in ads in certain places on the site, you also get highlighted right here on this page.

As an extra bonus we also run and administrate one other site that your ads will be shown at. That site is Fiska i Dalarna Forum wich is about fishing in general.

If you are interested in becoming an advertiser or/and a sponsor, please contact the administration of this site at @admin Bozell or send a text message to (+46 70 530 35 45)



Välkommen till Fishing with Bozell!

Jag växte upp och lärde mig att fiska av min pappa och morfar, och ända sedan dess har fiske varit en livstil för mig! För mig finns inte många saker som är bättre än att dela med mig av det jag kan och få se ett leende hos en kund som lyckas med sitt fiske. Min strävan är att få dela och ge en så vild och unik upplevelse som möjligt, och jag gör det på platser som få vet om och ännu färre fiskar på.
Så häng gärna på och låt mig ge dig en upplevelse att minnas en lång tid framöver!

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NRS Fishing

Whether you cast from a kayak, a raft, or wade into a remote stream, NRS Fishing helps you escape the crowds, embrace the wild and Catch the Adventure™. It’s our mission to provide rugged, reliable equipment and apparel to enhance the fishing experience, a knowledgeable team willing to share their expertise, and inspiring content to empower adventure-seeking anglers on and off the water. The foundation of NRS Fishing is built on exceptional customer service, easy returns, and products purpose-built for the human-powered pursuit of fish.

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RAM Mounts Nordic

Mångsidig montering – Av det du vill ha nära dig!

Vi har monteringslösningar för allt mellan kajak och flygplan, för att snyggt och säkert kunna montera mobiltelefon, surfplatta, actionkamera, fiskespö etc. på det stället du önskar.

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Options for Advertising

Banner Ad

The alternative ”banner ad” is a picture of what you like to show. For instance your logo or why not a product you like to highlight. Choose from many sizes and formats and where on this site you like to show it. It can be with or without clickable link to your own web-site or product and so on.

Gallery Ad

Highlighting you and your products in a gallery can be an effective way to show one product in different ways, or show a couple of different pruducts in the same place. Available in different sizes and formats and can be inbedded just about anywhere on this site and with or without link to web-site, product and so on.

Slideshow Ad

The alternative ”Slideshow-Ad” is just as flexible as our other options for ads, and can offcourse be adapted according to your preferences.

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Video Ad

Do you have your own video to highlight your company or your product(s)?

No problem! We have just the spot for it!

These were just a few of the options we have for you as an advertiser her at Kayak Fishing Online. Our site is built in a way that is i compatible with all sorts of devices, which makes your ads showing pefectly either on a computer, pad or phone.

If you like to know more about prizes and alternatives for advertising or sponsoring, please contact the administration of Kayak Fishing Online at @admin Bozell or send text message to (+46 70 530 35 45).